About Us

Erubey Olvera
Co-owner and roofing expert

Jose “Daniel” Mora Cruz
Co-owner and siding expert

Betsy Vega
Co-owner, business consultant, administrator, and accountant

Background and History

In March 2017, a couple of friends combined their general contractor expertise of roofing and siding and formed Powell Contractors, LLC. In March 2018, our team felt that we wanted our company to represent our home town of Palmar Chico in Mexico City, Mexico, thus changing our name from Powell to Palmar Contractors, LLC.

Erubey Olvera has more than 20 years of experience in various roofing systems for commercial and residential projects. He holds his CCB license, LBPR certification, CDL and attended undergrad courses in education at Oregon State University.

Jose “Daniel” Mora Cruz has more than a decade of experience in siding and roofing. An invaluable member of the team, he joined us March 2017.

Betsy Vega joined the team in September 2017 as a business consultant and progressed to a full-time partner specializing in administration and accounting.

Erubey and Daniel extended partnership to Betsy in March 2018. Owner of Latino Enterprises and the successful party planning business, B.R. Konexion, Betsy holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Masters in Business Administration.